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I think the community name kinda says it all. This is a community for Criminal Minds themed graphics. Anyone is welcome to post icons, wallpapers, and other types of graphics. Anyone who decides to post graphics on here is welcome to set there own rules, but I want to make a few of my person rules clear in the info. I don't want anything that I personally create and post here to be uploaded to sites like FanPop.com. If I find my work posted there, the person who did it will be banned. I'm sorry to sound harsh, but I am tired of posting something to LJ and having it redistributed in less than 24 hours. Aside from that, I really don't have many rules. I get a lot of my images, brushes, and other things from various sources online. I think it's time that I list the resources I use. Give credit where credit is due.

Image Sources:

Oracle of Quantico
For the Love of AJ
Kirsten Vangsness Fan
Shemar Moore Addicted
Paget Brewster.com

Brush and Texture sources:
Obsidian Dawn
Alenajay @ DevArt
NineofHearts @ DevArt
Scully7491 @ DevArt


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